- Caucasian, Mature, Canadian, female born and raised. 

- Age - 45

- Height - 5'4

- Weight 147 LBS

- Body Type - Athletic

- Hair - Brown

- Eyes - Brown

- Measurements - 34D - 29 - 36


Holistic health, working out, xbox, meditation

Personal Info

I get asked a lot if I enjoy what I do, and I always answer that the same "I do not do anything that I don't enjoy". Because what kind of life is that? Why live any kind of life but one you enjoy? You ALWAYS have a choice., & you yourself is the creator of your own life you choose to live. 

      I got into this type of industry in 1999 web camming online, while also getting my BCOM degree at U of A & paying for it 100% on my own. Over the years deciding to offer this service, to my already existing home based business was a natural evolution. I find no moral boundary in giving full body massages, as that's all I do... massage the  "full body" & i give a kick ass massage (as many can attest to). So it gives me pleasure to give my clients pleasure via my healing hands.  It isn't gross or, wrong or anything negative at all as far as I am concerned. Especially in a world that seems to be so lacking any kind of genuine personal service anymore. 

      I wouldn't charge these prices if I didn't already know my services & personality far exceed many other options available. I look forward to our session. 

Please Note I Do Not Share Face Shots - If you are more interested in my looks then the massage then this isn't the right place for you.